Scholarship Aid

$4,825 raised to support our students!

You can pave the way for our UMass Boston Beacons to succeed by easing their financial burden.

At a time when scholarship support is more vital than ever, you have the opportunity to help transform the lives of promising students. Scholarships are one way to provide critical financial support for outstanding students—to help make their attendance at UMass Boston a reality.

UMass Boston students have tremendous drive, ambition, and intellectual curiosity. Many work one or more jobs to pay for their tuition and fees while also contributing to their household income. Scholarships, offered based on merit and financial need, have the power to ease students’ financial hardships, reduce dependence on full-time undergraduate employment, and create opportunities to spend more time engaged in meaningful coursework and campus life.

By making a gift to the Scholarship Aid today, you will help the more than 66 percent of our UMass Boston students who rely on grants or scholarships to help fund their education.

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