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2021 A Fund of Your Choice

$39,919 to support UMass Boston!

You can give back in a way that is special and meaningful this holiday season.

Your gift to UMass Boston directly affects the lives of our talented and deserving students.

While we encourage gifts to the area of greatest need, a vital source of unrestricted funds that allows us to support our most pressing priorities, we understand that giving is personal. You have the opportunity to make a difference where it means the most to you. 

Philanthropic support has enabled UMass Boston to provide our Beacons with a well-rounded student experience and a variety of transformative learning opportunities. Whether you choose to support student scholarships, student success programs, research opportunities, Beacons athletics, faculty development, or another area of campus, your gift uplifts and inspires our entire university community. 

If you have questions about giving, please reach out to our giving team at